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만나서 반갑습니다.자유게시판악보 및 자료에 관한 정보를 나누세요 !!
▒ 국내 기타아 관련 사이트 ▒               ★링크된 사이트.....[새창]        ★추천사이트....[새창]

Dr.Koh's Guitar Sarang( 박사)
경조의 또 다른 작은공간
기타 메니아
고정석의 기타사랑

▒ 국내 기타리스트 (개인) 홈페이지 ▒

김 남 중 기타리스트
신 현 수 기타 사랑방
서 정 실 기타리스트
오 승 국 기타리스트
이 판 식 기타리스트
박 종 대 기타리스트

▒ 국내 기타 앙상블 홈페이지 ▒

서울기타앙상블서울기타앙상블 홈페이지~!!

아페투오소 기타 합주단

▒ 전국 대학 동아리 사이트 ▒

연세대 고전기타부-오르페우스
아주대학교 고전기타반
라일락 클래식기타동아리(경성대학교)
전북대 클래식 기타반
창원대학교(클래식기타의 모든 것)

▒ 외국 기타아 관련 사이트 ▒

기타아 코드를 보고 듣고 배우는 홈페이지
일본 Classic Guitar 웹 링크
Classical Guitar Home Page
The Classical Guitar Web portal
Just Classical Guitar 
The Classical Guitar Home Page

▒ 외국 Solo Guitarrists 홈페이지 ▒

Andres Segovia "father of the modern classical gutiar"
Andrew York Composer and Guitarist
Avril Kinsey performer and composer of "African-inspired" music for the classical guitar
Ares classical guitarist
Alessio Monti italian classical guitarist and composer
Arto Wikla early music and lute playing performer
Anders Miolin unique repertoire on 21 strings, Swedish guitar virtuos
Aniello Desiderio classical guitarist born in Napoli,Italy in 1971
Bill Yelverton classical guitarist whose eclectic recital programs often include jazz, folk, latin, and flamenco, together with early music performed on Renaissance and Baroque lute
Brigette Zaczek Born in Vienna, works for lute by J.S.Bach on the archlute(=old fashioned lute)Interpretation of 19th Century Guitar Repertory on original instruments of the period
Benjamin Verdery "an American original, an American master."
Christopher Parkening Master Class Notes
David Harvey Guitarist,composer, arranger with miscellaneous links and downloadable music
David Leisner classical guitarist and composer
David Tanenbaum Chairman of the Guitar Department at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and lives in Berkeley
Dale Kavanagh A woman guitarist in canada
Dante Rosati teach at the Juilliard School in New York City
Ernesto Bitetti born in Rosario, Argentina and has lived in Madrid since 1968, he created and is the Chairman of the Guitar Program at Indiana University's School of Music
Fernando Sor 19c. spanish guitarist, composer
Gareth Koch  Australian classical guitar virtuoso
Gerald Garcia Composer and Arranger
Heitor Villa Lobos Composer
Hillary Field the first and only guitarist to ever win the prestigious(=famous) Ladies Musical Club Soloist Competition.
Jonah Barabas Composer
Jan-Olof Eriksson swedish guitarist
Jorgos Panetsos classical guitarist
Kazuhito Yamashita greatest classical guitarist in Japan.
Kevin R. Gallagher classical guitarist. first prize winner of the 1993 GFA Competition and the 1997 Francisco Tarrega Competition, Manhattan Guitar Duo  with Antigoni Goni. 
Liona Boyd Born in London, came to Canada
Lily Afshar Born in Tehran, top Prize Winner in the 1988 Guitar Foundation of America ompetition
Manuel Barrueco classical guitarist. Concert Schedule,  Discography,  Master Classes, Teaching Positions,  Press Releases, Publications,  Manuel Barrueco talks with David Russell
Norbert Kraft Grand Prize in the Canadian CBC Radio Competition, Segovia International Competition in Mallorca.
Piero Bonaguri classical guitarist
Philip Rosheger born in Oklahoma , faculty member at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Raphaela Smits "first lady of the 'eight-string'guitar"
Scott Morris "An extremely promising young guitarist!" - LAURINDO ALMEIDA
Sherri Rottersman one of America's most outstanding young classical guitarists
Stefan Kebekus classical guitarist
Sanjay Mishra Composer-Guitarist
스티브 어퀴아기 (Steve Erquiaga Guitar)

▒ 외국 Duo Guitarrists 홈페이지 ▒

Amadeus Guitar Duo Dale Kavanagh and Thomas Kirchhoff.2 gtr(영국)
Assad unofficial home page for information on the Assad family;S?gio and Odair Assad, Badi Assad
Campbell Duo Hugh Campbell - Guitar Vicky Campbell - Flute
Duo Firenze Radford, Virginia, USA ( 실제 19세기 gtr)
Dagmar & Jozef Zsapka Flute and Guitar
Hand / Dupr Duo British(2 gtr)
Ishida Guitar Duo Japan(2 gtr)
Muse-Art Guitar Duo Japan(2 gtr)Tamaki Ohtani and Etshuko Nishimoto
Newman & Oltman Duo Michael Newman and Laura Oltman making music together since 1977
Othani-Nishimoto Duo Japan(2 gtr)
Progetto Avanti Sweden (2 gtr)
Ricardo Filipo & Duda Anio brasilian guitar duet

▒ 외국 Quertet Guitarrists 홈페이지 ▒

Guitars A Quattro
Los Angeles Quartet Andrew York, Scott Tennant, William Kanengiser, John Dearman. Formed in 1980 at the University of Southern California
Santa Fe Quartet touring the Americas since 1989. Founded in Santa Fe, Argentina
York Guitar Quartet British(rqt, bass, 2gtr)

▒ 외국 Eensemble Guitarrists 홈페이지 ▒

Bowling Green State University Guitar Ensemble Bowling Green, USA(altos,gtr,bassB,contrabass)
Guitar Orchestra at School of Music in Pitea Sweden (2 alt, 1-2 gtr,1 bass B, 1contrabass, [1 alto cembalo])
Radford University Guitar Ensemble Radford, Virginia, USA (12 gtr)
Ufonia diverse musical backgrounds of classical guitarist BENJAMIN VERDERY, flutist KEITH UNDERWOOD, double bassist HARVIE SWARTZ, oboist VICKI BODNER and percussionist JOHN MARSHALL

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